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Miniature Garden Inspiration Gallery

    Looking for ideas on how to make your perfect miniature garden. We have included a number of ideas and examples to help get you started.

Dwarf blue Ageratum looks like a blue hydrangea shrub. Place a wheelbarrow on a piece of flat stone to keep it level in the garden and to show it off.

 Decorate for the holidays. Little colored eggs and a bunny statue get the garden ready for Easter. Small decorated gardens make unique centerpieces for the dinner table.

A miniature trellis makes a nice backdrop for a little patio setting. Succulents are great for planting in tiny pots. When using a filled bucket as an accessory in the garden, poke a hole in the bottom so water won’t collect in it.

Two chairs fit nicely below the large rustic arbor to create a quiet little sitting area. A simple gazing ball and stand. Paint a golf tee and glue a pretty marble on top. A path with mixed materials. Little landscape gravel before the arbor meets a broad piece of stone that works as a threshold.

Inside the garden, flat little stones make the path with gravel in between. Another large stone sits under the bench, making the dark wire more visible. Stones around a votive candle creates a little fire circle. Great accent for an evening party on the patio. (Take care to be sure there is nothing nearby that can catch fire.) A faux bois planter makes a beautiful container for a miniature garden. A symmetrical design is very formal. Using a variety of plants keeps it interesting, not boring and predictable. An arbor can be an entrance to a garden or a nice backdrop, as in this garden. The birdhouse on a stick adds height to the garden. The rustic finish on the accessories, the birdhouse of natural brown materials, the red gnome, and the terracotta color pot combine to create a unified color scheme. The garden is full of whimsy and fantasy without being gaudy. The gravel, plants, and birdhouse keep it natural. A big tree in the garden with a tire swing below and a bench nearby makes a perfect summer setting. A variety of sedums and other little-leaf plants make a lush setting for the table and chairs. Miniature landscape can be just as elaborate at the real thing! Two terra cotta bowls are stacked to create a two-layer garden.

This arrangement works well for a centerpiece, as the garden is designed to be seen from all sides.


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  1. These are precious!


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